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Abdelrazek, Abeer Mohamed

Warrant Number: 23CR274
Charges: Probation Violation / Interference w/LEO (22-3716) Misd
Bond: 150
Date: 20230915
Age: 24, Sex: F, Race: B

Abustan, Alazais K

Warrant Number: 23JV5
Charges: Non Appearance / Poss of Marijuana and Poss of Paraphernalia (99-9979) B/Misd
Bond: 1000
Date: 20230809
Age: 19, Sex: M, Race:

Acevedo, Wilder

Warrant Number: 14CR243
Charges: Probation Violation- Aggravated Endangering a Child (22-3716 Felony)
Bond: 5000
Date: 20160613
Age: 48, Sex: M, Race: W

Acosta-Rutiaga, Ezequiel

Warrant Number: 03CR663
Charges: (15) Aggravated Kidnapping (21-3421 1/P/Fel)|(2) Aggravated Battery (21-3414(a)(1)(A) 4/P/Fel)|(3) Criminal Threat (21-3419(a)(1) 9/P/Fel)|(410) Battery (21-3412(a)(2) B/P/Misd)|(6) Attempted 2nd Degree Murder (21-3301 3/P/Fel)|(7) Aggravated Intimidation of a Witness (21-3833(a)(1) 6/P/Fel)|(8) Aggravated Burglary (21-3716 5/P/Fel)|(9) Criminal Threat (21-3419(a)(1) 9/P/Fel)
Bond: 500000
Date: 20030903
Age: 46, Sex: M, Race: W

Acosta, Santa Esmeralda

Warrant Number: 18TR1206
Charges: (1) Child Safety;Restraining Systems and Seat Belts (8-1344 Inf)|(2) Speeding (8-1558 Inf)|(3) Operate a Motor Vehicle without a Valid License (8-235(a)(f) B/Misd)
Bond: 1500
Date: 20190330
Age: 44, Sex: F, Race: W

Adalberto, Marrufo

Warrant Number: 17TR1602
Charges: (1) Maximum speed limits(08-1558)| (2) Vehicle Liability insurance reqd(40-3104)| (3) Operate a motor vehicle w/out a vailid license(08-0235)(a)(f)
Bond: 3000
Date: 20170727
Age: 28, Sex: M, Race:

Adams, John Wesley

Warrant Number: 15CR640
Charges: Non Appearance/Possession of Hallucinogenic Drug Theft of Property or Services (99-9979 Felony)
Bond: 10000
Date: 20160308
Age: 34, Sex: M, Race: W

Agosto, Omar J

Warrant Number: 21CR304
Charges: Non Appearance / DUI TOC Interference w/LEO Operate a motor vehicle without valid license (99-9979) Felony
Bond: 3000
Date: 20220128
Age: 36, Sex: M, Race: W

Aguilar-Batista, Jaime Hugo

Warrant Number: 16TR1766
Charges: Non Appearance/ DWS (99-9979) Misd
Bond: 5000
Date: 20210414
Age: 37, Sex: M, Race: W

Aguilera-Cruz, Juan Alfonso

Warrant Number: 11CR121
Charges: PV/Possession w/ Intent to Distribute Cocaine/No Drug Tax stamp (22-3716 Fel)
Bond: 20000
Date: 20121221
Age: 38, Sex: M, Race: W